Quirky things about me

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  • I don’t like to share a hotel room with other people…only my wife.
  • I don’t drive fast.
  • I don’t like staying over at someone’s house.
  • I identify as being an introvert.
  • It is very hard for me to relate to most people.
  • I am the go-to guy at work and at home.
  • I am a home handyman.  There are very few projects I will not undertake.
  • I have two children from two different mothers.
  • I love drinking but am not that good at it and can overdo it.
  • My parents taught me good manners and conduct.
  • I love Victorian style houses with all of their architectural adornment.
  • I have a grade eight education.
  • I am not religious, more like an agnostic, but not an atheist.
  • I would consider myself to be pessimistic at times.
  • I absolutely abhor being blamed for something I didn’t do.
  • Harsh words hurt me deeply.
  • I am intelligent.
  • I am always striving to see the big picture.
  • I am a useful person.
  • I like getting high.
  • I don’t like feeling like someone is trying to control me.
  • I went to college as a mature student but only for one week.
  • I am not racist but I do stereotype people sometimes.
  • I am married for the second time to a woman with 3 children.
  • I don’t like small talk., gossip or overt negativity.
  • For me to really get into anything, I have to “feel” it.
  • My sense of humor is dry, dark and sarcastic….sometimes all at once.
  • I am self-critical, self-analyzing and self-adjusting.
  • My goal every day is to make every person I engage…smile.
  • I love gardening.
  • I built a house once.
  • I really don’t like conflict.
  • Most conflicts in my life are caused by shallow thinking by others.
  • I like going for long drives.
  • I am the go-to-guy at work and at home.
  • I am not capable of a one-night stand, but wish I was.
  • My sexual fantasies are “over-the-top” but in reality I am vanilla.
  • I use anger as a disguise for the sadness I feel.
  • I cannot go to sleep with music or TV on.
  • If I don’t trust you, you don’t get to touch my heart.
  • People have called me strange, weird and inappropriate.
  • I learn what I want or need to know when I need to do something, not before.
  • I detest fake people and fake friendships.
  • I prefer to drive without the radio on.
  • I have the ability to make plain things beautiful.
  • I think that most people find me funny but co-workers have had an overdose.
  • I like to get high, it makes me think even deeper.
  • I appreciate and admire intelligence.
  • I am a home handyman.
  • I love long drives. Really long drives…38,000 miles per year drives.
  • I am very creative. When I have to be and when I don’t.
  • I am not overly romantic but have a hopelessly romantic view of life.
  • I am a highly sensitive person.
  • Without a deep connection with someone, I feel I don’t really know them.
  • I am empathetic.
  • I collect antique toys.
  • Too many people asking to much of me at once is like being swarmed by bees.
  • Some music makes me well up with tears.
  • I am a deep thinker (over-thinker).
  • I like being alone, yet often feel lonely.
  • I can only take other people for short periods of time.

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