Respecting the Introvert

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How to respect the emotional needs of an introvert

It’s important to recognize that their ways of interacting with the world are likely different from yours, especially if you’re more of an extrovert.

Here are a few ways to respect the emotional needs of an introvert:

  • Resist the urge to interrupt an introvert. It sometimes takes longer for introverts to articulate their thoughts.
  • Respect an introvert’s need for one-on-one time. Never shame or pressure an introvert for preferring to have one or two close friends. If you make dinner plans with an introverted friend, check with them before inviting other friends to join you.
  • Whenever possible, give an introvert advance notice. Introverts can find it more difficult to switch gears or experience change than extroverts.
  • Never reprimand or embarrass an introvert in public. This is extremely important , especially if you’re an extrovert. While you might be able to easily brush off an admonishment, your introvert is more likely to experience it as a personal attack — even if their behavior warrants it.

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