Adult children threatening my marriage

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My issue is an adult child living in my house. Her adult child. My wife’s adult child.
I met him 13 years ago when I was dating his mother.
Today he is 29 years old, working and making $50,000 per year. He pays $400 in room and board.

The problem? He seems to have made our house, his house. He lives and spends as if he already has a place to live. He doesn’t save anything towards moving out. It is not as if he is staying with us so he can save for a house or anything like that, he is just living the dream at our expense!
All I see every day is Amazon delivering shoes, games and whatever else he feels he “needs”.
As far as him as a person, he really isn’t someone that I find either interesting or endearing, I have gotten somewhat used to having an almost-my-opposite in personalities living with me for so long.

I see a person that is far too comfortable staying put and enjoying a decent salary with none of their own infrastructure in place.

Am I wrong? I worked or this, I worked to have a place where I didn’t have to go around cleaning up after others. I like being alone ( I’m an introvert) and with my wife but I simply don’t want to share my space with another adult. An adult that I feel should have made some plan to venture out about a decade ago!

I married his mother, not him.

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