Working as a team

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I used to hate it when the teacher would assign her choice of kids in the class to work together as a team on a project. I cannot remember one occasion when I did not get paired up with the class idiot(s).
If I were to do the project on my own, I would get a good mark.
If I still did the project on my own but shared the grade with my team, we would get a good mark.
If we all put in our 1/3 to the project, my mark would be reflective of their efforts, not mine.
That is to say that I would get a lower mark working in a team then by myself.
Every project, every time.

I am not so much different today. The only difference is that working and at home I have no choice but to flex and adapt to others. At work, eventually the people that don’t put in effort get weeded out so I just bide my time. At home however I am forced to live with people that I really would have nothing to do with outside of the home and there is seemingly no escape.

The reason this happens (in my opinion) is that the people that I live with are seemingly not possessing any introspection. They simply do not look within to see if the way they act makes sense for the situation.

If one calls a team at home, a family…I don’t feel like I am living in a family at all.

While I can’t blame them for not thinking the way that I do, it doesn’t make me feel any better that I have to accept their shortcomings.

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