The Romantic Misogynist?

pictures_01 (546)I have a rather complex love/hate relationship with life.  I really want to live in a world of romance but often people say or do things that make me feel the complete opposite.

I would like to state that although I have some unpopular opinions and feelings about women, I would not consider myself to be misogynist in the true sense of the word.

I was once married to the girl next door. We dated since high school and eventually moved in together.  This woman alone changed my vision of women as being feminine (a view that I enjoy) into one of mistrust and disdain.

The relationships I had post-marriage were better than the first, yet there was a heightened awareness of my partner’s exaggerated sense of worth, incredible sense of entitlement and in many cases their taking “freedom of speech” to an entirely unrealistic level.

Relationships turned into competitions with no middle ground. I got tired of always having to take “her” side or suffer a long drawn out battle.  I got tired of stupid decisions being made with no comprehension of the consequences.  I got tired of listening to male-bashing as it seemed to become an acceptable daily ritual.  I got tired of her wanting to be “treated as a lady” when it suited her only to want to be “treated as one of the boys” whenever she felt. I got tired of being blamed (even by her) for not standing up myself and letting her take control.

To be honest this is what feminism means to this man.  It is not about equality at all, it is about revenge, control and ultimately females mimicking the bad attitudes that can be inherent in men.

Unfortunately this makes me anti-feminist, as feminism is not equal. Feminism purports to champion the rights of men alongside, however having experienced a wide range of feminist views I feel it is safe to say that the misandry within the feminist community is running riot.

I don’t look at the world in absolutes. I support feminism when it is needed to overcome injustices, but do not vote for it when it becomes “in your face.” Just like Unions, Gay rights and other emancipation movements. Moderation in all things.

I am still a hopeless romantic in that I still harbour this pleasant although unrealistic view of a mutually beneficial relationship between a man and a woman where they treat one another as equals…while respecting and enjoying their differences.

I am misogynistic in that I no longer tolerate women that think that they deserve special treatment just because they are women.  Especially at our age women should realise that their pussy-pass that so many have heavily relied on, was stale-dated years ago!

2 comments on “The Romantic Misogynist?”

  1. I took a look through your blog and I have to say this – I appreciate your bluntness and honesty. You have something to say and you do not sugarcoat it.

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