Author: Toobster

Enabling adult children

My wife enables her adult children. Enabling happens when a parent removes a naturally occurring negative consequence from a grown child’s life, and the child doesn’t learn from the experience. Said differently, it’s when a parent and child get stuck in a cycle that keeps both dependent on the other in a way that doesn’t

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Unconditional love in parenting

The basic idea behind unconditional love seems quite reasonable. You should love your children just for who they are, regardless of what they do. Children shouldn’t have to worry whether their actions will cause you to love them less. They should be able to count on your love no matter what. If you look at

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Stressors for an Introvert

Talking to people Being put on the spot Making small talk Job interviews Phone calls Meeting new people Dealing with people without enough “me” time Unannounced visitors Group projects Public speaking Having to give someone negative feedback Leading a meeting Confrontation in general Time pressures. Too many things to do, not enough time

Embracing my Introversion

Individuals have the capacity to learn how to act outside of our natural tendencies. This ability is a survival skill. As an introvert, I can spend time in large groups. I can answer on-the-spot questions when circumstances deem it necessary. But because my brain is wired differently than an extrovert’s, I have a different tolerance

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