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Stressors for an Introvert

Talking to people Being put on the spot Making small talk Job interviews Phone calls Meeting new people Dealing with people without enough “me” time Unannounced visitors Group projects Public speaking Having to give someone negative feedback Leading a meeting Confrontation in general Time pressures. Too many things to do, not enough time

Embracing my Introversion

Individuals have the capacity to learn how to act outside of our natural tendencies. This ability is a survival skill. As an introvert, I can spend time in large groups. I can answer on-the-spot questions when circumstances deem it necessary. But because my brain is wired differently than an extrovert’s, I have a different tolerance

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Respecting the Introvert

How to respect the emotional needs of an introvert It’s important to recognize that their ways of interacting with the world are likely different from yours, especially if you’re more of an extrovert. Here are a few ways to respect the emotional needs of an introvert: Resist the urge to interrupt an introvert. It sometimes

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Am I a Misanthrope?

#1 I love the Internet. Because with the internet, I can watch movies, do my work, shop, and be entertained without having to deal with people physically. However… #2 I rarely visit social media. The idea of socializing with people without having to stand near them should be appealing to me, but with my level

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Do I hate women?

I see the word misogynist applied almost entirely to men that have committed or threatened to commit some kind of atrocity against women. According to Wikipedia, “According to feminist theory, misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, belittling of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.” I want to be

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Personality – INFJ

As part of my personal soul-searching and research I took the Myers and Briggs Personality test (online, not the go to the clinic and spend money test) and the results gave me the INFJ badge. The INFJ is considered to be the rarest Myers-Briggs personality type, making up only 1-3 percent of the population. “INFJ”

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