The naked truth

I think men tend to avoid emotional intimacy in order to avoid feeling hurt. I know from experience that sharing my “true” feelings with my partner eventually came back to haunt me. If a man is going to discuss his feelings and express those feelings he needs to feel “safe”. I think that in immature … Continue reading The naked truth

Trigger points

Something happened today, actually my wife said something today that bothered me.  She said, “I’m tired...I’m tired of my life”  I asked her, “Why” to which she replied, “I just am”. She wasn't tired of her life when we went out for dinner last night. She didn't seem tired of her life sporting her Canada … Continue reading Trigger points

The quashing of desire

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Back when I used to frequent dating sites, one common thread came up among the married women, that  being that their husbands were not interested in having sex with them. This created a great deal of intrigue with me because I was, at that time, married to … Continue reading The quashing of desire