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There’s always a catch

We say “there’s always a catch.” When women talk about catching a man…there’s not just one ‘catching’ but several layers of catching. All that follows is based on the societal assumption that men want more pussy more than women want more cock. That may also be biologically based, but that doesn’t matter for now. Consider

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I didn’t say you are wrong…I said I am blaming you!

I had an argument with my wife the other day…not really an argument but a fight. Again. An argument to me is a debate whereas a fight results when one or the other sides has decided that a debate will not work. They have decided that their side is the truth. The fight ensues when

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Behind every good man is a woman

My father once made the statement that “Behind every good man is a woman.” I agree with this in principal, providing the woman is “good” as well. I spent most of my life involved with women whose (seemingly) sole purpose in life was to be treated like a Princess, but in return offered insults, degradation, emotional

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