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Importent Infermation from yer Bank

I always wondered how it is that people get suckered into email scams.  You know the ones from banks, trust companies, Visa and even administration@(  It isn’t so much that I am questioning why people would answer a supposed valid request from someone for further information, it is that almost every one I have received

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I have to accept that I am huge!

Well everyone, the results are in AND I am in fact much bigger than I had previously thought.  Yup, it’s true…I took a simple test based on my age, height and present weight and it turns out that I am in fact HUGE!  Unfortunately the results were for overall body mass and not individual components,

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Family Portrait or Pocket Rocket?

Over the Holidays my wife and I made our way down to Chicago to visit my brother.  With almost a 9 hour trip each way I had plenty of time to observe things. Two things stood out: Part of the trip to Chicago from Toronto via Sarnia required passing through Indiana, specifically the area surrounding

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