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Behind every good man is a woman

My father once made the statement that “Behind every good man is a woman.” I agree with this in principal, providing the woman is “good” as well. I spent most of my life involved with women whose (seemingly) sole purpose in life was to be treated like a Princess, but in return offered insults, degradation, emotional

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Rose coloured glasses

Internet dating sites breed narcissism and conceit. The Internet’s social outlets, including sites like POF encourage people to stretch the truth of their boring and routine existences to appear as cool as possible. The danger here is that a lot of people start to believe their own social networking site lies and live as if

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“You wouldn’t ______ if you loved me”

“You wouldn’t ______ if you loved me” I have heard these words uttered many times, typically by a woman and almost always in regards to cheating.  The last time I heard it was during a discussion about cheating and the woman stated, “A man will not cheat on his wife if he loves her.” I

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