#1 Misanthropes generally have more sense than the people around them. Ask a misanthrope why they hate people and their first answer is usually, “Because other people are idiots.” This doesn’t mean that they are genius, intellectual snobs who look down upon an IQ below 90; if you check the content of social media, you would understand the reason for their seemingly allergic reaction to the avalanche of nonsense and inanities that preoccupy humanity nowadays.

#2 Misanthropes dislike drama. Interacting with people means that you’ll have to partake in their lives in some way. That includes their problems, frustrations, and the drama that comes with them. For misanthropes, there are far more important and meaningful things to do than put up with people’s rants and whines that they’d rather complain about than actually deal with.

#3 Misanthropes are most likely introverted people. It means that their personality leans inward, away from others. Misanthropes are introspective, bordering philosophical, people who have a very different perspective on life. That’s the reason they have little interest in the art of socializing: misanthropes like their personal space full of calm and silence, and hate people if they intrude in their “zone.”