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Mattel™ introduces the new Barbiken™

**Breaking News** Feminist scientists have been working with Mattel™ to create a new doll that is both politically correct and feminist-approved.  Soon the original Barbie™ and Ken™ will be replaced with the more gender-neutral version, the Barbiken™.  The creators state that the new doll will portray equal parts sensitivity, strength and independence all without a

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Where were you when I was looking?

Although we all would love to find and hold on to Mr. or Ms. Right (our ideal of perfect), the truth is we typically settle for someone that is “good enough”.  I don’t know anyone that feels that they are in a relationship with someone that they deem perfect (unless they are still in the

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Disturbing things married women say on dating site profiles

10 disturbing things I have seen on married women’s profiles on POF 1. I see a lot of women stating that they aren’t looking for one night stands. This is so obvious I don’t really see the need in stating it. Everybody knows that night stands come in pairs (one for each side of the

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