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How to write an effective dating site profile

These simple tricks, learned from my lengthy sessions at various online dating websites for, umm…research purposes, will have you dating “Mr. Right” in no time: Section 1: THE PICTURE 1. Do not post a picture that includes your friend that is hotter than you. This will only make us want to date them instead; or

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13 Reasons not to choose me as your secret lover

This particular profile got me removed from Plentyoffish for being too obscene! What does Markus think that everyone on the site is 12 years old? 1) I’m 5’10” in height. Most women on dating sites seem to desire a “tall” man. Apparently it’s very erotic to use a step ladder when kissing your man. 2) I’m of

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Old dog chasing tail

Written as a profile for a dating site a number of years ago: Bitter, unsuccessful middle-aged loser wallowing in an unending sea of inert, dreary loneliness looking for like-minded, needy leech-like hanger-on to abuse with my life story, boring sex and Anne Murray albums… ’till death do us part. I love eating peanut butter and

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