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Being a strong woman doesn’t make you a bitch.

Being a bitch does… I had a saleswoman in my office yesterday and we were talking a bit about life.  She told me that she had broken up with her fiancé before Christmas but was starting to get “back on her feet”.  She went on to say that he had left her because he couldn’t

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What comes to mind?

Anticipation: Looking forward Secret: Shhhh Sensual: Gentle touch Emotional: Intangible attraction Learning: Growing together Respectful: Feelings intact Opportunity: Take a chance Endearing: Easy to like Flirtatious: Making eyes Dreaming: Something more Understanding: Knowing the limits Exciting: Goosebumps Spiritual: Crossing paths Relationship: Coming together Discreet: Between us Depth: Below the surface Humble: No better than you

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