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Off-the-wall search terms in the past 30 days

Makes me wonder… I occasionally will check out the various search terms used that have ultimately led someone to my blog. Many are straight forward while others are well…different to say the least. To make things a bit more interesting I like to think of what they might have been thinking when they typed those

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School Uniform Fetish

Quite often called a fantasy this scenario is typically a uniform fetish. It is typically not a case of a man being attracted to young girls rather a sexual arousal provided by the outfit itself. I know from experience that many women typically don’t understand, rather misunderstand a man’s motivation behind this fetish. I asked

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Sneaker Fetish

I have a shoe fetish of sorts. Again, being somewhat different than most other men I don’t get too excited by high heels, knee length leather boots or any shoe that might typically be considered CFM footwear. In a sexual situation I am excited by running shoes. By “sexual situation” I mean if she is

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