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No sex Please! We’re married

“Asking if there is sex after marriage is about as bad as asking if there is life after death.” What is it with women treating sex as if it is a commodity? A commodity is a good for which there is a demand and for which the value can fluctuate constantly. Women are famous for withholding sex

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A Decade of Marital Bliss

Does anyone really wonder why there are so many married men on dating sites? First an overview of married life for the typical male and you should be able to piece together your own conclusions: Year one: Sex, sex, sex. All you could want. On the floor, in the woods, the car, the beach. Every time

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The quashing of desire

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Back when I used to frequent dating sites, one common thread came up among the married women, that  being that their husbands were not interested in having sex with them. This created a great deal of intrigue with me because I was, at that time, married to

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