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“Oh….um (blank)…um…oh no” You were fantastic!

You pick someone up in the bar at last call. You are half-baked and you stumble back to your place.  In the throes of passion you call out “Oh….um (blank)…um…oh no”  You have no idea what his name is.  Here you are, flat on your back sharing your goodies with a literally nameless stranger.  What

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Disturbing things married women say on dating site profiles

10 disturbing things I have seen on married women’s profiles on POF 1. I see a lot of women stating that they aren’t looking for one night stands. This is so obvious I don’t really see the need in stating it. Everybody knows that night stands come in pairs (one for each side of the

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Christmas spirits and the office party

Office Christmas parties sure are fun, aren’t they! You can end up doing the craziest things! I love them even more since our company started having them in the big banquet hall with all of the other companies. Such as getting drunk, and stumbling home with an equally drunk administrative assistant. What was it that

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