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I have to accept that I am huge!

Well everyone, the results are in AND I am in fact much bigger than I had previously thought.  Yup, it’s true…I took a simple test based on my age, height and present weight and it turns out that I am in fact HUGE!  Unfortunately the results were for overall body mass and not individual components,

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I didn’t expect that to happen!

Yesterday I wrote a post regarding the possibility of having another or others joining us in the bedroom.  When I was writing that post I was thinking about the positives regarding threesomes or more-somes.  Today I was thinking about the downside of “watering down” the intimacy that my wife and I share. The biggest fears

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It’s not the size of the post that matters

You’ve all seen it here and everywhere, all these males claiming that their dick is this size or that size. It’s time to bring a lot of that back to reality. “Big” is mostly a matter of self-deception. That being said I have seen, via movies, male members that truly were freaks of nature, better

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