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How to write an effective dating site profile

These simple tricks, learned from my lengthy sessions at various online dating websites for, umm…research purposes, will have you dating “Mr. Right” in no time: Section 1: THE PICTURE 1. Do not post a picture that includes your friend that is hotter than you. This will only make us want to date them instead; or

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Sex…and periods

Ahhh, Sunday morning – my favorite time of the week. The house is quiet; the coffee is brewing; and I’m sitting in front of my computer anticipating another one of life’s wonderful little pleasures: perusing the intimate encounter seekers on Plentyoffish. There is nothing quite as satisfying (and, dare I say, stimulating?) as scrolling through

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Disturbing things married women say on dating site profiles

10 disturbing things I have seen on married women’s profiles on POF 1. I see a lot of women stating that they aren’t looking for one night stands. This is so obvious I don’t really see the need in stating it. Everybody knows that night stands come in pairs (one for each side of the

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